10/6 UPDATE-new pic WIP - Patchwork baby blanket

This item is now finished and a new thread has been started HERE.

[INDENT]The squares are:[/INDENT]

[INDENT]FISH- This pattern is suppose to flatten out the fish for a whole blanket of fishies, but they were still puffy which is what I wanted anyway. However line 26 of the pattern is incorrect and should read:[/INDENT]


[INDENT](the row that follows this correction is the “Slip, K10” row)[/INDENT]

[INDENT]SUN- Somehow the pattern got off. Was it me? Maybe. Anyway I did a little scribbly thing in the orange to fill in the extra space near the top of the pattern. Definitely do in the different color.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]SAILBOAT-WOW, definitely like the way this came out with the differenct colors. Next time straighten out the angle on the front of the boat though.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]DINOSAUR (Stegosaurus)- I cannot for the life of me find the link again to the actual pattern. My printed copy has http://knitted-kitty-creations.com but when I go there I can’t find this FREE pattern. Again I made a few changes to it anyway.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Frog - I changed it a tad to make him a little plumper[/INDENT]

[INDENT]HORSE- Modified from the original to the head is up more[/INDENT]

[INDENT][COLOR=#e88787]HOUSES[/COLOR]- Easy pattern. Didn’t have to change anything.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]TEAM LOGOS- Red Wings, Pistons, U of M, Tigers, Lions (my own)[/INDENT]

[INDENT][COLOR=#e88787]SHEEP (Bobbles the SheeP)[/COLOR] (changed it a bit)[/INDENT]

[INDENT][COLOR=#e88787]MOON & STARS[/COLOR] - Do pattern in different colors next time[/INDENT]

[INDENT]ABC/123- My own, but didn’t turn out as good as I’d have liked… I may have to do something about that.) Looks way better after “duplicate” stitching on some color. Update: did the dup stitch as best I could with purls on RS… looks good though[/INDENT]
The finished piece is knitted as one piece rather than doing all that seaming. It will use 7 different colors and be made up of 12 squares with different stuff in each square and quite likely have an outer border if I can figure out how to do that and get it done before the baby shower on Oct 14!

ALL DONE! :knitting:See post listed at top of this thread for more information.

Wow! I love it and I love that you aren’t having to seam it. That will be a family treasure.

WOW :inlove: Beautiful! I especially love the turtle square-he’s SO CUTE! What a lucky baby to be receiving this blanket–it will be an heirloom!

wow! thats beautiful!

:inlove: I love it!!

That is lovely . It is going to look amazing when it is finished.

Don’t forget to post a pic.

Great job, Marni, it is going to be beautiful!

That is going to be beautiful!

Wow I can’t wait to see it finished x

WOW! Great job, looks SOOOO complicated.

WoW! What a neat idea! Looks great! Can’t wait to see it all done!

thats beautiful! i love how your doing something different on each square! :thumbsup:

That’s going to be beautiful. I have been contemplating something similar for my boys. I can’t wait to see it.

Oh…My…Gah!!!:thud:That is absolutely beautiful!!


Very bright and fabulous.

Great colors, and I love the different patterns on each block, not to mention the fact that you don’t have to seam it. Beautiful!

That looks absolutely great, cannot wait to see the finished blanket:muah:

Thanks so much for the nice replies. I hadn’t thought of it as an heirloom… I suppose that’s up to the recipient. :aww:

It isn’t hard… but it is a mental piece since I’m working off 3 patterns of different sizes and (some are just pictures that I gridded) at once and had to change them to fit only to find out that I.

The next 3 colors I’m working have an [I]interesting[/I] amount of difficulty… oiy… my brain!:eyes:

So pretty and I love the colors :happydance:

WOW. I love the color combination.