10.5 Circular needle question

I have a hat i want to make…I have to cast on 76 stitches…

I want to do ribbing…for the first 4 rows. I dont think i can do ribbing on a circular needle. can i use straight 10.5 needles and then transfer it over to the 10.5 circular needles? to do my stockinette stitch?

I think i can do that??? CANT I? lol!

I’m a newbie at all this, but why can’t you do ribbing? I know that if you do straight knitting you get stockinette, but if you alternate wouldn’t you still get ribbing?

well you can do both of those things! you sure can transfer but you most certainly can do the ribbing on the circulars. just alternate like Jan says…and then you don’t have to worry about stitching up the part that you knitted straight later.

oh wait a minute…does the pattern tell you to join and then do the ribbing? if it doesn’t, do the knitting on the circs flat…still no need to transfer! :wink:

Right…For some reason…i think i can only do…stokinette stitch! lol!

You CAN do ribbing on circular needles. I do it all the time. :smiley: You should see my 10.5’s. They’re pink! And vintage Susan Bates. :inlove:

Sure you can do ribbing on circ needles. I do all the time. Just join the loop and knit your ribbing.

I think you are getting confused because you don’t have purl to get stockinette on circs…but that doesn’t mean you can’t purl.