10/2 yarn weight

Can anyone tell me what 10/2 means in yarn weight?

5? Okay, yeah, no help.

What’s the context it’s in? Or is it just Weight=5/2?

I found a few explanations on a google search but this may help:


Just know that the 2 stands for 2 strands but the thickness of the strands will differ between say cotton or worsted yarns etc.

I’m not that mathematical so the 10 part goes over my head somewha. On one site I read that 8/2 meant that the yarn had originally been spun as an 8 ply but then was respun as a 2 ply. Not sure how accurate that description is but it’s a simple way of looking at it!

It is a lace yarn but I have never seen this reference before. I wonder what it means.

Thank you Susan P. Interesting… :??