10+1 Stitch

Evening all… looking at a knitting stitch directory and they give the pattern to follow with counts for cast on… I need help on the ones that say"

22 plus 1
10 plus 1 and so on

so I am assuming if I want to do the 10 plus 1… is that 31? Or something else?

Did not know there were so MANY stitches

Thanks ahead

The “plus 1” is only only done once to make the pattern come out correctly. If you want 3 repeats you’d do 31.

You multiple the first number by how many times you want to repeat the stitch pattern, then add one. So for 10 +1, you can use 11, 21, 31, 41, 51; for 22 +1 it’s 23, 45, 67, etc…