1 wip and 1 fo

my current wip-one of them and then…

I dyed the yarn for this purse for my dh’s step-mom for Christmas just like I dyed the sock yarn-grape kool-aid. So much fun!


sorry-here they are

OOooo :drool: Nice job! I totally love that color! :inlove:

I dyed it myself with grape koolaid

You’re such an inspiration. I’ve been meaning to try kool aid, but have yet done it.

Beautiful dye job! The color is lovely. Is that WIP the purple socks mentioned in your otn list? I love the feather and fan look you have going there.

Beautiful! Love the color. :heart: Gotta try me some of that kool-aid dying.

Wow that’s [I]really [/I]pretty!

Terrific looking!

thank you, everyone!
yes those are the socks in my sig. the pattern is # 116 out of the stitchionary volumn #1 they call it ripple.
you really should try dying with kool-aid those of you who want to try it-so easy!