1-up mushroom beanie

Hello all! Following my path of nerdcore knitting, I’d like to present you with this pattern for a beanie bearing resemblance to the holy 1-up mushroom of Super Mario Bros fame. (You can also sub in yellow for green and brick red for tan to get a Growth Mushroom beanie)

As of now, I haven’t made it, but am about to cast on. I’m hoping that purling the eyes will allow me to not rib the entire base.

Rows 1-8: K46(tan), P4(black), K8(tan), P4(black), K46(tan)
Row 9: K47(t), P2(b), K10(t), P2(b), K47(t)
Rows 10-12: K108(t)
Row 13: K108(b)
Row 14-15: K50(g), K24(t), K34(g)
Row 16-17: K49(g), K26(t), K33(g)
Row 18: K8(g), K4(t), K37(g), K26(t), K33(g)
Row 19: K7(g), K6(t), K36(g), K26(t), K33(g)
Row 20-21: K6(g), K8(t), K35(g), K26(t), K33(g)
Row 22: K5(g), K10(t), K34(g), K26(t), K25(g), K3(t), K5(g)
Row 23: K5(g), K10(t), K34(g), K26(t), K24(g), K5(t), K4(g)
Row 24-25: K5(g), K10(t), K35(g), K24(t), K24(g), K7(t), K3(g)
Row 26-27: K5(g), K10(t), K35(g), K24(t), K23(g), K9(t), K2(g)
Row 28-29: K5(g), K10(t), K36(g), K22(t), K24(g), K9(t), K2(g)
Row 30-31: K6(g), K8(t), K38(g), K20(t), K25(g), K9(t), K2(g)
Row 32: K7(g), K6(t), K40(g), K18(t), K27(g), K7(t), K3(g)
Row 33: K8(g), K4(t), K42(g), K16(t), K28(g), K7(t), K3(g)
Row 34: K55(g), K14(t), K30(g), K5(t), K4(g)
Row 35: K56(g), K12(t), K32(g), K3(t), K5(g)
Row 36: K8(g), K2tog, K16(g), K2tog, K16(g), K2tog, K11(g), K5(t), K2tog, K3(t), K13(g), K2tog, K16, K2tog, K8
Row 37: K8(g), K2tog, K16(g), K2tog, K6(g), K4(t), K6(g), K2tog, K13(g), K3(t), K2tog, K2(t), K14(g), K2tog, K16(g), K2tog, K8(g)
Row 38: K8(g), SSK, K15(g), SSK, K4(g), K6(t), K5(g), SSK, K15(g), SSK, K15(g), SSK, K15(g), SSK, K7(g)
Row 40: K7(g), K2tog, K14(g), K2tog, K3(g), K8(t), K3(g), K2tog, K14(g), K2tog, K14(g), K2tog, K14(g), K2tog, K7(g)
Row 42: K7(g), SSK, K13(g), SSK, K1(g), K10(t), K2(g), SSK, K13(g), SSK, K13(g), SSK, K13(g), SSK, K6(g)
Row 44: K6(g), K2tog, K12(g), K2tog, K1(g), K10(t), K1(g), K2tog, K12(g), K2tog, K12(g), K2tog, K12(g), K2tog, K6(g)
Row 46: K6(g), SSK, K11(g), SSK, K1(g), K8(t), K2(g), SSK, K11(g), SSK, K11(g), SSK, K11(g), SSK, K5(g)
Row 48: K5(g), K2tog, K10(g), K2tog, K2(g), K6(t), K2(g), K2tog, K10(g), K2tog, K10(g), K2tog, K10(g), K2tog, K5(g)
Row 50: K5(g), SSK, K9(g), SSK, K2(g), K4(t), K3(g), SSK, K9(g), SSK, K9(g), SSK, K9(g), SSK, K4(g)
Row 51: K5(g), SSK, K4(g)
Row 52: K4(g), K2tog, K4(g)
Row 54: K4(g), SSK, K3(g)
Row 56: K3(g), K2tog, K3(g)
Row 58: K3(g), SSK, K2(g)
Row 60: K2(g), K2tog, K2(g)
Row 62: K2(g), SSK, K1(g)
Row 64: K2tog

Oh I bet it’s cute! Share the FO in What’cha Knittin’ when you’re done!

BTW… .how many do you cast on? :??

Sorry, it’s 108 with a final circumference of 24" using US7 needles (should be an Adult large, I hope)

Also, what’s FO stand for?:think:

Thanks! That is really large, but if I make it I’ll see if it can be adjusted.

Finished Object = FO…we used that when we share a finished project. :thumbsup: If you see WIP that means work in progress if you’re not done yet.

Ah, I see. I just got off work, so I’ll see if I can size it down for an Adult Small (96 st)

That would make for a very cute beanie! I love Mario alot, and just found a pair of arm warmers that would go well with this. I’ll have to dig around in my stash to find the yarn for it. :wink:

Cool. I’m also making patterns for a Goomba and a Koopa Paratroopa whose wings fold down to cover the ears… ya, that one’s gonna be tricky =p

Okay, I have never done colorwork before, but I may have to learn to do so, just to knit this.

I love it! Please do keep us posted with pictures and possible errata! I’m going to subscribe to this thread so I can watch. :slight_smile: