1-stitch baby sweater question


I’m making Lion Brand 1-Stitch Baby Sweater. Hope this link to the pattern works:

I’m just about to finish the [U]Beg Sleeve Shaping[/U] section to start on the [U]Cuffs.[/U]

It says to cast on 8 sts (by knitting into last st, return new st to left needle and so on) at end of next 2 rows.

Many thanks for any help.

I don’t understand this. What is the “last st ?” Return new st to [U]left[/U] needle? Huh?

It’s using the knitted cast on. Put the needle with the sts in your left hand and `knit’ into the first one (last one from the previous row) but instead of taking it off the needle, put the new st on the left one and repeat until you have 8 new sts. You can look at this cast on in the video section; you substitute an existing stitch instead of using a slip knot to start.