1 row or 2??

My pattern says row 1 and row 2 form the pattern. It then says pattern 2 more rows. Does this mean that I repeat both rows once more (to make 2 rows) or do I count both rows as 1 and therefore do both rows twice?

Each row stands alone as a row. Pattern 2 more rows means work 2 rows in the pattern stitches. So just work the next 2 rows once (not 4 rows).
What pattern are you following?

Thank you for your reply. The pattern is’ The Big Easy’ woman’s weekly poncho.
I’m stuck again on the collar :frowning:
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https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-big-easy-6 7

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https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-big-easy-6 7

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Very nice!
What problem are you having with the collar? You can quote a couple of rows if that will help. Not a large portion of the pattern please, because of copyrights.

Thanks. Well I’ve got to the part saying pattern 20,wrap 1 etc, but don’t understand ‘repeat last 8 rows’… Not sure which last 8… Thanks

It should be the 8 rows just before the direction to repeat the last 8. If there are short rows (the “wrap”?) then each one counts as a row. By that I mean working up the to turn is one row. Turning and working back counts a second row.

Go ahead and quote the 8 rows just ahead of the direction to repeat.

Oh wow, that’s a great help about the wrap. Wished they explained that it counts as 2 rows!

Can I send a photo of the bit of the pattern for the collar? (only small)

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You can upload a photo of a portion of the pattern by clicking the up arrow in the Reply box (in the middle of the top banner). Then follow the directions to locate and upload.

Perfect! Work the pattern across 20sts, then wrap the next stitch and turn as you would at the end of a row. Purl to the end. That counts as 2 rows. Next work in pattern across all sts for the next 6 rows. These are the 8 rows that you repeat.
If you don’t want to work a wrap & turn for the short rows you can substitute your favorite method. I like German short rows but there are several other methods.

Thank you so much for your help, it’s very much appreciated. Hopefully I can now finish my poncho!

Hi again,
I’m now having trouble with the collar!
I don’t know what I’ve done but it doesn’t look anything like the cowl neck in the picture. Any help greatly appreciated.

The collar is knit side to side. Then the cast on and bind off rows are probably seamed together and one edge is attached to the neck opening. In what way is it not looking right to you?

Think I’ve done something majorly wrong then… Thank you again

Well, I’m guessing based on the look of the collar. You’re knitting looks correct to me.
Check ahead and look also at the Finishing directions to see where this is going before you re-do anything.

OK, will do. Thanks

I’m assuming that is only half of the collar and I have to knit the other side. If so not sure how to do it as surely it. I’ll send pic of the making up, if that’s OK.