1-ply borders

Hi, I’m knitting the Gibbie Shetland shawl in 1-ply Shetland wool. :XX:

This is my first really big knitting project. I am not known for my knitting but I am known for the many bits of unfinshed knitting, sewing and tapestries around the house. :thinking:

Gibbie Shawl. Knitted as border first then pick up 196 along side of border and knit on circular pins inwards. Question - As I knit the ever increasing length of border, it is getting tangled with my wool as I’m knitting. Ideas on how to prevent this? Any thoughts gratefully received. My mum and dad almost came to the divorce courts over the shawl
knitted for their first grandchild - (Mum wasn’t a true knitter either) -
and which I subsequently washed at too high a temperature and so it makes a very nice cover for a doll’s pram!

I’m not sure I understand what your difficulty is. Am I correct in assuming that you are knitting the border widthwise… that is, a few stitches for a lot of rows? If that’s the case, and it’s that growing length of border that’s getting tangled, my best suggestion would be to put the excess of what you’ve worked into a ziplock-type baggie, and zip it partially to help keep it contained. I will often do that with my working wool as well.

Hi, Yes it is the start with ‘10 stitches increasing to 16 and then decreasing to 10 for each scallop’ pattern. I’d wondered about putting it in a bag but worried about catching the extremely thin 1-ply on the zip. :shock:

This is the first time I’ve ever knitted with 1-ply and I get so anxious about damaging this fine ply. Ordering from the lovely chap in Jamieson and Smith up in Shetland was such a joy that I feel it is in my care now. :heart:

All other sorties into the world of knitting have been on Aran wool. Or Double Knitting doubled.

At the moment the top ‘hole’ of each scallop tip is threaded onto a stitch holder but as I have 20 on it and it is clearly approaching being filled, this is clearly only going to be a short term measure. :??

I :heart: Jamieson & Smith yarn! I’ve only used the two-ply, though. What if you put a strand of waste yarn through where you put the stitch holder with a tapestry needle? You can tie it in a bow and add more stitches onto it as you need to.

Hi Ingrid,

Now why didn’t I think of that?

Thank you for the easiest answer that I never even thought of.
I was that busy thinking there must be some technical answer I forgot to look for the everyday solution. :doh:

I wish you loads of smiles with your knitting.

Will try to post a picture when I’ve done a heap more of the border. 21 scallops completed - only another 75 to do. :roflhard:

:shock: And that’s just the border?!

If you hadn’t mentioned the stitch holder, I would never have thought of using the yarn, so you can say it was teamwork! :thumbsup:

Thanks all the same.

No knitting done tonight as watching a huge thunderstorm with torrential rain, sheet and forked lightning and the loudest claps of thunder I’ve ever heard. Strangely there was no wind at all. The rain is coming straight down.

We all instinctively ducked down at the loudest cracks. Sounded as if the roof was coming in. :pray:

Its been going for four hours so far.

Tomorrow I shall knit again. :XX:

Yippee. Pattern suddenly made sense :happydance: and I’m now zipping around the border scallops (56 so far out of the 96 needed) of the shawl I’m knitting. Thanks for the encouragement. :heart:

I photocopied the picture and colour in each scallop as completed. I’ve done enough for two and a bit sides. I can see it growing this way. :cheering:

I hope you’ll post a picture when you’re done!

SuperIngrid saves the day again. Why am I not surprised?
:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: