1 lb of mystery yarn for $4.50

I was in Zellers today, picking up the same yarn I knitted my mother’s shawl in, in order to add a fringe to it…I spotted a bin of mystery yarn…on the bags it said “unknown fibre” and that they were 1lb each. I was bemused, to say the least. One was a somewhat icky orange colour, other was quasi-camouflage and one was a nice shade of blue etc. I believe it was all acrylic, though the store’s sign on the bin said they were cotton (way too shiny etc if you ask me.)

In any case, I didn’t buy any, as the yardage / diameter etc was not on the bags (I think it was all worsted weight, but can’t be sure.)

Yeah…used to see them at Walmart too…

Often times you can walk through the yarn aisle and match them up to what they actually are. They are imperfect bags of commercial yarns. I got a lb bag of Glacier that way…

It is either discontinued or mill ends. I would say it is most definatly acrylic…

Cotton can sometimes be shiny when it’s mercerized.

Yarns like that might be good for a funky blanket or a charity project. I usually avoid them myself though, too.

Yeah it said “mill ends” on the bags…I may or may not pick some up, I really can’t increase my stash 3 months before I move 1300 miles (or is it 1400???)

Speaking of figuring out what yarn is, I was in Michaels yesterday and found that much of their new yarn doesn’t have type listed on it ( no worsted, dk, fingerling etc) just light, medium etc… How am I supposed to know for sure? I tried to compare, but failed… So I bought some “light” black bamboo…

Edited to add- what is mercanized cotton anyway? I saw it but didn’t know what it meant.

There should be a little picture on it that shows how many sts and rows over 4" and what size needle. The referring to this chart will help you figure it out.

BTW, notice there’s no ‘L’ in [I]fingering[/I].

LOL! oops…bad typing :wink:

Come to think of it, the “weight” isn’t listed on the bags of mill ends either! Just the literal weight of the bag…1lb. Most seemed to be Worsted…I think!

Wait till you get to CO and discover Big Lots. Earlier this year they had 1 lb mill ends of Caron Simply soft (about 2½ skeins) and other caron yarn, now they have some Lion mill ends including some Homespun and other yarn. I think it was $4 or 4.50.

It won’t say weight. It is just 1 lb. It is what it is. I have seen Bernat Boa, Discontinued Glacier, a lot of it is what I assume to be Red Heart Super Saver. It will be whatever was at the end of the line.

You won’t have even balls either. One will be really long, others will be super short. Although, within those bags, I personally have not discovered much in the way of many ends within a ball. Which is nice.

Like I said before, you can likely find it some sort of mate on the shelf. Take a glance up and down the aisle, and see if there is something that looks simular. Then you will be able to compare possible yardage, and weight.

I dug around in the bin today…found ones marked “cotton” (as opposed to the hilariously marked “100% unknown fibre” ones…) bought three for $4.50 each, couldn’t resist.