1-8 knit 9 (rs) knit

This is how this part of the pattern reads.

“Rows 1 through 8: Knit.
Row 9 (RS): Knit.
Row 10: K5, p170, k5.
Rows 11 and 12: Rep Rows 9 and 10.”

Is it basically saying knit for all nine rows or am I missing a step?
Did they put nine separate from the 1 through 8 so that they could make it simpler in saying rpt rows 9 and ten?
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Little hard to read in the middle like that. :wink: If it’s just like you typed it then yes, the first 9 rows are knit. It would have been better just to say rows 1-9 knit, but maybe they wanted to make a point that row 9 was a RS row which would make row 10 a WS row.

I do believe you are correct that they should have simply said knit row 1-9. They make no other real sense in why they labeled it that way. I feel silly for asking. But I was not sure so I had to ask. I did not want to mess something up. Thank you so much for your help!:woot: :notworthy:

You will knit 9 rows, the 9th row is designated as the RS row which is why they separated it; 10 will be a WS row, then 11 starts the pattern rows.

I agree with Jan. I think they only wrote it that way so that you would know that row 9 was the RS row.

Rows 1 through 8 knit–sounds like a garter stitch border. If you knit them all, they’ll be garter stitch.
Row 9 is all knit, and I suspect that is to make it easier to explain the repeat.
Row 10, you knit five stitches–sounds like a garter stitch edge developing–and purl over to the last five, another garter stitch border.
It looks as if you’re just making a garter stitch edge, keeping the borders in garter, and working the middle of the whatsis in stockinette stitch, which is why they specify that Row 9 is the right side.