1/2 way thru my scarf... New ball of yarn to start. How

How do I start my new ball of yarn??? I am at the end of my first ball and need to add more length to you scarf… Can anyone help, please?

You need to tie the new yarn on the tail of the old yarn on the needle. Knit a few rows with the new yarn and then go back and untie the new yarn from the old and cross them and weave in the ends.

Ya I am so stuck here too!! I’m knitting an Afghan though. So it’s that easy? Just knit on regularly but with the two yarns knotted together. I’m not so clear on the weaving part though? Is there a special way to do it or do you just weave it in so it’s not sticking out?

yup, simple as that. Tie it on, work a few stitches with the end of the old wool and the new ball, then go back and weave/sew in when you’ve finished the scarf :slight_smile:

You might want to watch the videos on joining. There are a variety of different ways to join a new ball of yarn, most of which do not involve knots in your work. If it’s a wool or animal fiber yarn, you can use a “spit splice” which essentially felts the two ends together as one continuous strand of yarn.

I like Amy’s video on joining by tying a loop, knitting a few rows, and then untying it and weaving in the ends. Depending on your project, and how bulky it will look, you can knit 3 or so stitches with the old yarn and the new yarn together, then drop the old yarn and just continue with the new.

I recommend viewing the videos on joining and see which way you like–there are still a number of others I didn’t mention, and most of them avoid unsightly (and uncomfortable) knots in your knitting!