0000 DPN's...it's possible to knit with them after all!

When I first learned there were 0000 DPN’s, I couldn’t believe a knitting needle that small actually exists. After a while, curiousity prevailed and I got some. Here is the proof that you really can knit something with 0000 needles. More commentary on the experience at my blog. (size 8 denise for reference)

How fun! I just finished a pair of socks on 0’s and thought that was bad enough. I can’t imagine that you could find them that size in bamboo though. My 0’s warped while I knit with them. I bet I would snap 0000’s LOL!! I have seen projects that have called for toothpicks, but they are just a bit smaller than 0’s so I’m presuming a 00.

I don’t think they could make needles this small in wood. They’d never last! It was fun to try :slight_smile:

are those the Los Lobe Hose? omg kempy :heart: I give you so much props :cheering:… I can’t even imagine trying to SEE the LOOPS… let alone knit through them :shock:… aiiiii… good eyes, babe! :heart: :cheering: :happydance:

:roflhard: :roflhard: yeah, I figure if I was ever going to try it, I should do it while I still have great eyesight. This would be a good use for those lights they sell at JoAnn’s that have a big magnifying glass attached!

OH…not Lobe Hose…I winged it. I mentioned that on my blog but not here.

great job!

That is so cute! My Grandpa made needles for my Grandma out of bicycle spokes!

SO cute, Kemp!! Hard to imagine knitting something that tiny- I’d definitely need a magnifying glass for that one!! :wink:

I’ve knitted those too! Did you find that the needles were a bit too short? I think if they were another inch longer, it would be more comfortable to knit with them. They kept poking me in the hand and size 0000 needles are like REAL needles. Ouch! I’ve only made one pair though. They seem easy because they’re so small and with few stitches, but really, I think they were a pain in the butt… er, hand!! LOL

I agree I thought a little longer might have been easier. Knit Picks sells a longer set of 0000’s too.

Yours looks much smaller than mine! How did you do that? I cast on 20 just to make sure I wasn’t starting too small…when I got to decreasing for the toe I was glad I didn’t start with less. :shock:


Too cute :heart: !! LOL, you answered my question…I was wondering if I would ever knit with them…and for what purpose…and I was really wondering if they would STICK you a lot…sounds like the answer is yes, hmmm?!

What a cute little sock!

Wow. There is a diaper-soaker maker who sells little keychain wool soakers… this must be how she makes them!

Mine is from the Los Lobe Hose pattern. It’s only 10 sts cast on. :shock: There’s only 1 toe decrease round.

Whew…I’m not sure I could handle that. It was hard to get the 20 stitches arranged to knit in the round (I did top down…definitely didn’t want to try doing increases for toe up with those!) Maybe I’ll try again sometime though with less sts and see how it goes.

Nothing was too difficult (obviously, as I got them finished. LOL) … except picking up the gusset stitches on the heel flap. I had to use a tiny little crochet hook.

OMG–that is just adorable!


But seriously: Didn’t your hands cramp and your eyes cross?

I’ve been knitting MaryElla for a couple of Christmas pressies. Ooof! After a while my hands really hurt from trying to hold such small thread and such skinny needles. (but they look good so the pain is worth it - kinda like shoes!)

The sock is really cute, Kemp!


I love Mary Ella–no wonder you put up with the pain :smiley: